our mission

Building long-term, life-changing relationships with youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community.

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our leadership team

Lori Sills
Executive  Assistant
Danny Brister, Jr.
Executive Director
Samantha Nelms
Program Manager

Huffman High School Team

Nadia Isaac
Teacher / Mentor
Terrance Slaughter
Teacher / Mentor
DeAnna Lockett
Teacher / Mentor

Wenonah High School Team

Daisy Cooper
Teacher / Mentor
Ryan Coleman
Teacher / Mentor
Kristian Hudson
Teacher / Mentor

our Board

Billy Reiser
Board Chair
Corey Milner
Jim Bradford
John Stein
Marvin Stewart
Board Co-chair
Mechelle Wilder
Richard Simmons
Terrelle Kennedy





  1. We believe that EVERY CHILD is of great worth and has the desire and potential to succeed.
  2. We believe that LONG-TERM, 24/7 RELATIONSHIPS with caring adults have proven positive outcomes in the lives of our urban youth.
  3. We believe that a HOLISTIC approach is essential for a strong and healthy future for our youth.
  4. We believe that FULL-TIME, SALARIED TEACHER-MENTORS WHO COME FROM SIMILAR BACKGROUNDS as the students can have a positive influence and make all the difference.
  5. We believe that the SERVANT LEADERSHIP, creating a culture of selflessness and service, is the foundation for leadership.
  6. We believe in the intrinsic DIGNITY of every person and act accordingly.
  7. We believe that COLLABORATION yields the best long-term results, acknowledging that the complex work in our urban centers cannot be done single handedly.

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